Monday, 7 May 2012

Last week we had a wedding cupcake & cake pop tower order to complete. Wednesday was spent making the cake pop balls (red velvet), adding the sticks, leaving them to set & making the fondant roses to go on top of the cutting cake. Thursday was spent baking the cutting cake (French vanilla) & mini cupcakes (death by chocolate), coating the red velvet cake pops in chocolate (white chocolate tinted green & purple), icing the cutting cake and the cupcakes. Here's the finished product:


  1. Nothing the bat the taste and design of red velvet cake. I love it like anything. Ordered one at my sister's baby shower few months back. I was the one who ate it more than anyone. Garden area of Chicago wedding venues was covered with blooming fresh flowers. Buntings and ribbons looked eye catching. Beautiful pictures were clicked as well.

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